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Dec. 12th, 2010


itp: rampant sleepy-cuddles

[Like the title says! It was one of those warm, hazy afternoons and you decided a nap would be just the thing, or perhaps you fought the drowsiness like a champ but succumbed in the end anyway. However it happened, you ended up napping, and when you wake you may not find yourself alone. Post as asleep or just waking up or whathaveyou, tag each other, and be ridiculously adorable.]

Dec. 11th, 2010

lolcat: stalkin' you


sob the first post is a kitty instead of a puppy.

[There is a cat.

Being, as cats are, the Root of All Evil, she is crouched in a section of grass that is particularly sunny, feigning drowsy sleep. But really, she is very alert, and stalking an exceptionally suspicious projection butterfly, which flutters across her periodically. When the time is right, she will strike! But that time Is Not Now, because timing is very important to a Point such as her, along with precision, form, and getting that spot behind her ear really clean.]


that one mod ooc post <3; feel free to post OOC intros or brainstorm breeds here or something.




It's the first post test!!